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Meet the Staff of HireLevel Auto

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Colton Saunders - Shop Foreman

- csaunders@equipautosales.com

Colton is the Shop Foreman at Equip Auto Sales and has been with the company for over 10 years. He started out as a student in middle school at the former YFC Wheels program, now the Equip Skills Center, and was mentored by Jim Malott, the founder of the program. He has performed many roles over the years and has landed as the foreman of our repair facility and primary service technician. He provides invaluable experience and knowledge of mechanical automotive systems and is our resident welder and body work expert. He also provides wisdom, friendship, and is an excellent role model to the students at the Equip Skills Center.

Colton is level-headed, easy going, and has a warm demeanor towards anyone he crosses paths with. Cars are his primary hobby and he is especially proud of his custom built Ford Crown Victoria. When he isn't working on cars for work or pleasure, he can be found hanging out with his bible study group or spending quality time with his wife and daughter.

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Max Nelson - Senior Repair Technician

- mnelson@equipautosales.com

Max has been with Equip for over 3 years and is our most experienced mechanic. He is an expert on all things Honda after working at a Honda dealership for over 5 years and has an additional 2 years of experience as a mechanic at Luke's Automotive in Columbus. After serving as the lot manager for Equip for several years, he has stepped into a part time role in order to finish a degree in business administration from The Ohio State University. He has over a decade of experience as a student ministry leader in his local church and is happily married.

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Jackson Roberts - Wholesale Coordinator

614-237-7300 - jacksonroberts96@gmail.com

Jackson is the wholesale specialist and administrator for Equip and served as an administrative assistant prior to his current role. When a vehicle is received at the end of its lifespan he makes sure it is responsibly disposed of and that maximal value is obtained through it being parted out, sent to auction, or being recycled through the many partnerships he has facilitated between Equip and local organizations. He is also responsible for the marketing and sale of defective vehicles that may still be useful to other mechanics or DIYers.

Jackson is committed to urban and inner-city ministry with a tremendous heart for kids in need. He serves as a dynamic and committed middle-school group leader in his church and loves getting to share his faith with students. Jackson is a man of many hobbies and finds joy in backpacking, motorcycling, traveling, poker, photography, bushcraft, and much more besides.

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Grace Singleton - Administrative Assistant

614-237-7300 - gsingleton@equipautosales.com

Grace is the newest staff addition at Equip Auto Sales and has been on the team as an administrative assistant since March of 2022. She provides valuable contributions in her handling of incoming donations, customer service advocacy, and title work. She also frequently contributes to the detailing team and helps make all of our inventory shine! She has a keen eye for efficiency, a strong work ethic, and a contagious sense of humor. When she isn't at work she can be found spending time with her roommates, her college bible study, or at her classes at The Ohio State University.

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Keshawn Wilson - Volunteer Apprentice


Keshawn has been a volunteer at COYFC for quite a while and has been serving as an apprentice to the mechanics at Equip for several months. Keshawn says what he loves most about getting to serve at YFC are the opportunities to spot God's calling and getting to become friends with other volunteers and staff.

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